I'm Natascha van Poppel, born on the 13th of september 1979 in Bergeyk (Holland).
In 1997 I moved to Boxtel where I studied for graphic designer (St. Lucas).
Photography was a part of my study as well, but had nothing to do with music and bands.
In the summer of 2011 I moved back to my roots :-)

I have carried my camera with me as long as I can remember, but Dynamo 1996 was the first festival I visited with a small camera. Eurorock 2001 the first access inside the photopit! A dream came true! After that, I wasn't able to visit concerts without my camera anymore; felt naked without it.

Throughout the years I have had the chance to work with great bands; nice contacts and the best memories, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of them!

Some of my publications:

Photography for amongst others:
Within Temptation DVD Booklets 'Mother Earth Tour' and 'The Silent Force Tour'
Within Temptation Bonus Materials (on CD's)
Still Photography Epica videos 'Feint', 'The Phantom Agony'
Epica DVD 'We Will Take You With Us'
Epica: 'The Road to Paradiso' audio sound book
My Dying Bride DVD 'Sinamorata'
Kamelot DVD 'One Cold Winter's Night'
Trail of Tears Promoshoot: CD and magazines
SQY Rocking Team Promoshoot: magazines
Sin7sinS Promoshoot: Promo CD and magazines
After Forever 'Exordium' DVD
To Elysium CD: 'Nightmare's Nest' and Promotion materials
Still Photography Joyride (movie)
Lords of Metal
Photo Gallery of quite some official band sites
Photo Gallery of several band related sites

Making of video: Feint (Epica)
Crossing Borders (documentary)
Making of video: Joyride (movie)

After Forever
Within Temptation
Asrai (creating vector from a drawing)

Magazines amongst others:
Amongst others: Aardschok, MindView (BE), Sonic Seducer (DE), Flash Magazine (IT), Starfact (DE), Oor, Zillo (DE), Backstage Musical, Veronica Magazine, PZC, Wings, Sp!ts, Metro, Yes, Telegraaf, Zone 20, Glamour, Elle Girl, Viva, Brabants Dagblad, BreakOut,
Trail of Tears: Scream Magazine (N - Cover!), Close-Up Magazine (SE), Sweden Rock Magazine (SE), Orkus (DE), Rock Brigade (BE), Metal Maniacs (US), Imhotep (N), Base-AD (UK), Keys and Chords (UK), A Sangre Y Fuego (ES), Sonic Seducer (DE), Loud (PT), Zero Tolerance (UK), Hard Rock (FR), EMP (DE), Hard`N`Heavy (FR), Rock Hard (FR), Souds2Move (DE), Spark Magazine (BE), Monster Magazine (N), Metal Hammer (GR), Thoughts Of Metal (US), Exlicity Intence (US), Metal Hammer (IT), Metal Maniac (IT), Crypt O Goths (FR), Legacy Magazine (DE), Rock Tribune (BE), Heavy (DE), Aardschok (NL), Metalitalia (IT), Hails and Horns (US), Crowgrrrl's Perch (US), Heavyrock (ES), Mystic Art (PL), Kwadratuur (BE), Gothic (DE), Metal Shock (IT), Pit Magazine (US), Heavyrock (ES), Rock Hard (ES), Unrestrained (US), Metal Hammer (ES), Nocturnal Euphony (US), Eternal Terror (N), Spots Breda, Attitude Holland catalogue.

Well, a lot of my work is here for you to see,
hope you like it!

Grtx Natascha
Studio Mystica